Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk


Lewis road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk is naturally processed which involves picking the coffee cherries from the tree and drying them while the skin and pulp are still attached. The extract is gently warmed with our permeate-free Premium Whole Milk and a hint of natural cane sugar before being pasteurised and bottled.

The coffee in our Fresh Coffee Milk is a unique ‘Lewis Road blend’ – a blend of three excellent coffees sourced from Brazil. Each bringing its own character to the blend.

Brazilian coffees are renowned for their big chocolatey flavours as well as malt and caramel and lower acidity profiles. The natural roasting process gives the coffee a very distinct flavour character versus a coffee that has a “washed”, and bland, taste. We hear it’s the favourite country of origin for coffee!

Delivery date to be confirmed due to uncertainties owing to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Lewis Road Creamery Flavoured Coffee Milk
Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk
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