Heinz Seriously Good Tartare Sauce 295ml

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Heinz seriously good creamy tartare contains no added flavours and no artificial colours. This creamy sauce can be used as a dip for hot chips and onion rings, drizzled over fish cakes or pan-fried fish, or even as a dressing for salads and roasted vegetables. Trust us when we say this tartare is seriously good.

The perfect accompaniment to seafood and fish and chips, Heinz [SERIOUSLY] GOOD Creamy Tartare is an essential summertime sauce. This tartare is made with free range egg for a velvety mayo base, with an added tang from gherkins, lemon juice, capers and more.

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  • Canola Oil (Antioxidants1 (307b)), White Vinegar, Free Range Eggs (8%), Gherkins (3.9%), Lemon Juice (3.8%), Sugar, Capers (2.5%), Mustard, Salt, Stabilisers (412, 415, Soy2), Preservative (202), Antioxidant (385)

  • Serving/pack: 12.      Serving size: 25ml

    Nutrient Per 100ml Per Serving
    Energy 2240kJ 560kJ
    Protein 0.8g 0.2g
    Fat, total 58.7g 14.7g
    – Saturated 5g 1.2g
    Carbohydrate 2.8g 0.7g
    – Sugars 2.6g 0.7g
    Sodium 555mg 140mg









  • Contains: Egg, Soy.

    • No added flavours
    • No artificial colours
    • Made with free range eggs


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