The Crafty Weka Bar Date & Orange


It’s a date (& orange)! This bar uses the base of our original bar with added dates, oranges, and black roasted sesame seeds.

The richness of dates and the zest of oranges. The crunch of nuts, seeds, and grain. The sweetness of manuka honey. All combine to give you a burst of delicious flavour and slow-releasing energy.

No matter where your adventure takes you, make it a date with our date and orange bar.

Our award-winning Date & Orange meal bar is made with real, raw ingredients and provides a caloric density of 2.4 ounces that will keep you moving.

Nutty, creamy, zesty, and toasty, the Date & Orange bar feels like a treat but keeps you fueled to explore. Because, let’s face it, when you have scaled mountains, you deserve a little treat.

  • Peanuts (16.5%), Oats (15.5%), Black Sesame Seeds (14%), Dates (14%), Coconut Sugar, Manuka Blend Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Orange Peel, Cinnamon.

  • Serving/pack: 1.  Serving size: 75g

    Nutrient  Per Serving  Per 100g
    Energy 1510kJ 2020kJ
    Protein 9.4g 12.6g
    Fat – Total 22g 29.5g
    – Saturated 2.8g 3.7g
    Carbohydrate 27.9g 37.2g
    – Sugars 19.7g 26.3g
    Sodium 8mg 10mg
  • Contains: Sesame Seeds or their Derivatives; Oat and Oat products (Gluten Containing Grain); Peanutes and Derivatives in the product.



    • Dairy free
    • Soy free
    • Egg free
    • No additives.


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