Sard Super Power Stain Remover Spray 420ml

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Sard Wonder Stain Remover is strongest stain removal spray against tough stains!

Sard loves stains! Don’t let tough stains slow you and your family down!. It safely shifts stains and is safe for whites and colours.

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    1. Remove excess grime from the soiled area
    2. Turn the blue nozzle around 180 degrees from OFF to ON
    3. For foam, slide the white switch to the left
    4. For liquid, slide the white switch to the right
    5. Spray dirty or stained areas thoroughly
    6. Wait up to 5 minutes, then wash immediately with the full dose of a good detergent
    7. Old or tough stains may require re-treatment
    8. Safe to use on whites and colorfast colours.



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