L&P Soft Drink Lemon & Paeroa 1.5L

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Lemon and Paeroa, or L&P, is a New Zealand lemon soft drink with loads of fresh taste.

Who knows what awesome good lemony stuff goes into the taste of L&P? Well we do. But we’re not blabbing. What we can tell you is L & P is the classic drink that’s been refreshing NZ’ers since, ooh, ages ago. When some bright spark in Paeroa first created, bottled and whacked a label on it. It’s the perfect companion whether you’re on the go, relaxing at home, enjoying with friends, or as a drink with your meal.

L&P. Drink it when you’re thirsty. Like may be right now., World famous in NZ since 1908ish

  • Carbonated Water, Sugar, Food Acid (330), Flavour, Mineral Salts (504, 500, 170), Colour (150d)

  • Serving/pack: 8          Serving size: 250ml

    Nutrient Per Serving1 Per 100ml1
    Energy 466kJ 186kJ
    Calories 113cal 45cal
    Protein 0g 0g
    Fat, total 0g 0g
    – Saturated 0g 0g
    Carbohydrate 27g 10.8g
    – Sugars 27g 10.8g
    Sodium 40mg 16mg


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