Goodtime HUB Gourmet Mexican Vegan Pie 210g


Potato, kumara, sweetcorn, spinach, chickpeas, red and black beans, and lentils …. all simmered in a tangy tomato habanero chilli sauce.

The HUB Gourmet Pie range offers the utmost in quality and flavour. This is the Premium Pie range from Goodtime Pies. The HUB Gourmet Pie range looks like it’s come fresh from your kitchen and offers exciting flavours to suit all tastes.




  • To heat from frozen-unwrapped: Pre-heat fan-bake oven and tray to 160°C. Rip off the packaging and chuck the pie into the oven for 50 mins.

    To heat from frozen-wrapped: Pre-heat fan-bake oven and tray to 160°C. Chuck the pie, wrapper, and all into the oven and heat for 35 mins.

    To heat from defrosted: If you defrost your pie we recommend this is done overnight in the fridge. Preheat the fan-bake oven and tray to 160°C. Chuck the pie wrapped or unwrapped into the oven for 20 mins.

    To microwave from frozen:(not recommended as it goes a bit soggy but if you are absolutely starving) Preheat fan-bake oven and tray to 160°C. Place the pie in the microwave and use defrost function to zap it for 30 secs. Heat the pie in the oven for 20 minutes until the pastry is nice and crispy.
                                     * All times are estimated and will vary according to your heating appliance

  • Keep your pies in the freezer at -12°c to-18°c.

    Defrost your pies in the fridge at 2°c to-4°c. Once defrosted use within 4 days.

  • Wheat Flour, Water, Pastry Margarine (Vegetable Fats and Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifier (471, 322), Acidity Regulator (500), Antioxidant (307), Colour (160a)), Tomato, Spinach, Potato, Kumara, Sweetcorn, Onion, Bell Pepper & Red Tomato Sauce (Tomato, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Red Pepper, Onion, Thickener (1442), Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Chilli, Preservative (202)), Mexican Habanero Sauce (Tomato, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Carrot, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Orange Juice, Soy Sauce, Spice, Stabiliser (1442, 410), Vegetable Oil, Habanero Chilli, Sea Salt, Onion Powder, Preservative (202), Garlic Powder)), Pumpkin, Chickpeas, Red Kidney Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Modified Maize Starch (1414), Brown Lentils, Salt, Cumin, Black Pepper, Paprika, Garlic, Fenugreek, Chilli Powder.


  • Servings per package: 1                 Serving size: 210g (1 pie)

    Nutrient Avg per Serving Avg per 100g
    Energy 2000 952
    Protein 8.6 4.1
    Total Fat 25.5 12.1
    -Saturated Fat 14.0 6.7
    Total Carbohydrate 56.3 26.8
    – Sugars 5.8 2.8
    Sodium 689mg 328mg

    All values are considered averages unless otherwise indicated 


  • Contains wheat flour, and soy. dairy.
    May contain traces of egg and nuts. 



Products are subject to change and availability. Product information including ingredients, product origins, nutritional information and allergens is provided by our suppliers to assist customers to select suitable products. However, this information may change at short notice and you should always check the product labels before consuming any products. We endeavour to keep all information up to date, but we cannot and do not guarantee accuracy and completeness of this information.


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