Annies Boysenberry 100% Fruit Bars 30g

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30g Individual Bar

The classic fruit flats have been a favourite for over 30 years. We capture the goodness and natural flavour from some of New Zealand's best fruit. Our sweet tangy crisp apples are combined with a selection of summer fruit picked at their best.

Annies fruit snacks are made by taking whole fruit, pulping it, then air-drying it. Simple as that. All ingredients are in the name, there is nothing but fruit!

Annies naturally sweet snacks are simple, healthy and portable. Perfect for the lunchbox, athletes of all ages, the health conscious and those with specific dietary needs.

No added sugar. Not from concentrate. Gluten, sulphur, dairy, yeast, nut & preservative free.

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Annies Boysenberry 30g x 30 Carton × 30

Buy by the carton and save 10%!

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