Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Strawberries and Cream Milk – 300ml


We love our Fresh Strawberry Milk and although we were using Organic Strawberries, these came from Chile and it has long been our wish to get our hands on some New Zealand Strawberries to blend with our pure whole milk. And great news, we have finally managed to secure enough supply of NZ strawberries to make this happen!

So, as we sat around the kitchen bench we thought, great, New Zealand Strawberries, but are there any other special touches we can make to our beloved Strawberry milk. Something that will take this fresh flavour to a whole new level of deliciousness. What about Strawberries and Cream someone said. So we tried it. And a dash of fresh cream has made all the difference and not only that, this new recipe has 35% less sugar than our original Fresh Strawberry Milk.

Enjoy our Fresh Strawberries & Cream Milk the perfect marriage of NZ Strawberries, NZ Cream and our pure whole milk.

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