Lewis Road Creamery Flavoured Gingerbread Spiced Milk


Did you know that Gingerbread dates back to the court of Elizabeth I of England in the 15th Century? She presented her guests with gingerbread figurines which she thought embodied them. Genius we think, and a truly regal beginning for the charming spiced characters we now know and love today.

So, from the royal court, straight to your fridge we bring you the latest flavour to join our family. Like all our flavoured milks, we use the finest ingredients. Blending ginger, cinnamon and vanilla with our pure whole milk we’ve bottled the very essence of a freshly baked Gingerbread man straight from the oven for you to enjoy.

This is also the perfect flavour to enjoy warmed up. Simply heat on the stove top for a warm ginger spiced treat.

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