Health Discovery Antiox Bar Blueberry & Chia with Matcha 40g

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It’s much more than just a bar – its nutritious, satisfies and provides energy that lasts. Gluten Free, Dairy Free and meets Paleo and Wholefood Standards.

Antioxidant Rich Ingredients

Blueberries, Chia & Matcha, known for their Antioxidant rich properties to help the body fight free radicals.


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Made with Chia seeds, Organic Blueberry, Manuka Honey, Rewarewa Honey, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Diced Dates, Sunflower Seeds and Virgin Coconut Oil. That’s it – 100% Natural.

Stacked with omega-3 ALA, Iron, Dietary Fibre, Magnesium, Calcium and Plant Based Protein to nutritionally significant RDI levels.

Ganeden BC30 Probiotic – We put over 1 Billion ACTIVE “good” bacteria in every bar to help boost your immunity and get your gut healthy

Frutafit® inulin – To significantly increase the beneficial bifidobacteria microbes in the intestinal tract which underlies their prebiotic health effects, such as digestive health.